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Goals and Objectives
The College of Informatics and Computing Sciences aims to shape globally competitive computer magnates as they develop their professional identities and ethical values. It establishes equanimity, objectivity and wisdom, unselfishness and concern for the environment through their technological competencies, community partnerships and strong faith in the Supreme Being.

It promotes excellence in the pedagogy as it develops a well-rounded graduate who can assume dynamic leadership, meaningful participation and internalization initiatives in the field of Information Technology and Computing Sciences.

The College of Informatics and Computing Science is committed to:

  1. Develop professional graduates ready for entry as active participants and/or competent leaders in the industrialized world who are:
  2. Advance ideals of national identity devoid of cultural biases, but enriched with moral integrity, spiritual vigor, and credible pursuit for professional excellence;
  3. Provide curricular programs for the development of a well-trained IT professionals, and Computer scientists.
  4. Well-educated in the principles of a particular discipline;
  5. Well-trained in the art and science of computer applications such as: productivity tools, authoring software and software development applications.
  6. Well-oriented in advocating national consciousness on the promotion of our history, culture and traditions.
Program Offering Description & Curriculum
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology