Extension Services

At BatStateU, we are committed to render extension service to depressed and underserved communities, as well as to share our expertise in science, technology, education, management and research to public and private agencies/organizations that need our services.

Gender and Development
Social Development thru BIDANI Implementation
Environment and Natural Resources Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation
Technical Assistance and Advisory Services
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Gender and Development
BatStateU is committed to being a
leading gender-responsive higher education institution. Find out how the University supports and promotes Gender and Development.

Browse the list of partners and linkages for extension projects and activities of BatStateU. The database presents completed and active projects of the University.

Programs, Projects and Activities
From Outreach services to Capability Building Training Programs, browse our completed and ongoing program, projects, and activities for the communities.

Sustainable Development Goals
BatStateU supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and ensures these are addressed in its extension activities. Browse the university’s initiatives aligned with SDGs.