The Red Spartan community lauds in high spirits as Batangas State University receives a three-star rating from the QS Stars University Ratings, March 17, 2020.

BatStateU continues to establish and entrench its profile as one of the leading state universities and colleges in the Philippines. QS Stars helps in exhibiting the specifics of a university and in facilitating easier access of information of everything one has to know. It serves as a channel for searching a school or university, inside or outside the country, fitted for the interests and expertise of a student about a specific field.

QS Stars has a set of criteria and indicators individually rated, which determines the grade of a university and its standing as a world class university after its assessment. Among the archetypes are the following: Research, Teaching, Academic Development, Employability, Internationalization, Facilities, Online/Distance Learning, Social Responsibility, Innovation, Arts and Culture, Inclusiveness, and Specialist Criteria. These factors serve as the key pillars and the basis of evaluation before coming up with an overall QS Star rating.

Batangas State University is rated in each of the presented criteria: five (5) stars for Teaching; four (4) stars for Employability; one (1) star for internationalization; two (2) stars for Academic Development; three (3) stars for Facilities; four (4) stars for Inclusiveness; two (2) stars for Specialist Criteria: Innovation; and four (4) stars for Specialist Criteria: Electronics Engineering.

see Batangas State University QS Profile

Bannering its flagship engineering programs specifically in the fields of Engineering, is what propelled QS to rate this specialist criteria four out of five. It also mattered that BatStateU is the only state university in the entire Philippines which has international accreditation from Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) – Engineering Accreditation Commission and Computing Accreditation Commission, in the fields of Engineering and Information Technology. Also highlighted in the evaluation results are the University’s recognition from the Commission on Higher Education, manifesting exceptional performance in the fields of Engineering, Teacher Education and Development Communication, being designated as National Centers of Excellence and Development. The University’s research and innovation centers and laboratories spelled a big difference, as the Regional Development Council endorsed BatStateU as the region’s Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Environment Research; Center for Technology Business Incubation and Development; Center for Oceanographic Research and Aquatic Life Sciences; Center for Disaster Risk Management Education and Research; and Center for Inclusive Social Innovation for Regional Growth. The university’s efforts in expanding its international relationships with foreign universities, organizations and industries also strengthened the fighting chance for a favorable QS Stars rating.

Overall, Batangas State University secured a three-star rating from QS Stars, which they define as ‘a university is nationally well recognized, and may have also begun to attract international recognition. This institution maintains a reputable level of research and its graduates are attractive to employers.’

QS Stars is an evaluation system that evaluates universities worldwide with certain criteria. The universities are rated one to five stars + (the highest ranking) depending on the evaluation of their performance.

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