Call for Nomination for Private Sector Representative in the BatStateU Board of Regents

BatStateU The NEU is accepting nominees for one (1) Prominent Citizen who will represent the Private Sector in its Governing Board. Nomination forms are available in the Office of the Head Secretariat of the PSR Search Committee.

Nominees for Private Sector Representative must meet the following minimum conditions for appointment:

  1. Be a Filipino citizen and of legal age;
  2. From an industry, business, or profession preferably related to the SUC’s charter or mandate;
  3. Have at least five (5) years of employment, business, or practice of the profession in the private sector;
  4. Must be domiciled in or resident of the country for at least two (2) years;
  5. Not connected with the SUC concerned or other government agencies and instrumentalities in any manner, for one (1) year immediately prior to his or her nomination to the PSR position;
  6. Not currently employed or appointed to any position in the government (local, national, including government-owned and controlled corporations), be it full time or part time, at the time of nomination for the PSR position;
  7. Must distinguish themselves in their professions or fields of specialization;
  8. Must have a distinctive contribution in the field of engineering and technology, reputable practice of the profession, and profound interest in the advancement of engineering education in the country (for one of the PSR);
  9. Not related to any member of the present Board or their duly authorized representatives, within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity; and,
  10. Not have been a candidate who lost in any national or local election, except for barangay elections, within one (1) year after such election.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS — The Nominee shall provide the following documentary requirements:

  1. Duly notarized application or nomination (with the conformity of the Nominee);
  2. Duly accomplished, computerized and notarized Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212) ;
  3. Certificate of Employment stating Nominee’s present position in the private sector/industry, business, or profession related to the SUC’s mandate;
  4. Service Record of Nominees who have been employed in the government at any point;
  5. NBI Clearance;
  6. Certification of No Connection with SUC the Nominee is applying or nominated to;
  7. Signed Commitment and Availability of the Nominee to serve as PSR;
  8. Signed Conforme to the Conditions of PSR as provided in Section 14 (Annex A of CHED Memorandum Order No. 07, s. 2022); and
  9. Other documents as may be required by the BatStateU Board of Regents.

Applications or nominations shall be sent through the SCPSR Head Secretariat, addressed to the SCPSR Chairperson, Dr. Milabel E. Ho. Applications, nominations, and other documentary requirements shall be filed personally, through a representative, by registered mail, or by authorized private courier, with the Head Secretariat of the SCPSR, provided that all applications or nominations must be received on or before the deadline. Online submission of documents may be allowed subject to submission of hard copies of the same.

Nominators/Nominees shall submit their nominations/applications and all supporting documents to the Head Secretariat of the Search Committee, located at the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Ground Floor Jose Rizal Building, BatStateU Pablo Borbon, Rizal Ave. Ext., Batangas City, 4200 not later than 08 May 2024 at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The Search Committee shall only consider nominations with complete supporting documents. The nomination form can be downloaded here.

For more information, please contact:
Head Secretariat, Search Committee for the Private Sector Representative
Telephone Number: 09175600280

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