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The College of Industrial Technology is the first college established in the university, and has since proven to be a premier producer of well-rounded and globally competitive professionals who meet local, national, and international demands for skilled workers who significantly contribute to the manpower resources in response to the rapid industrialization of the modern world.

The College of Industrial Technology shall produce well-rounded and globally competitive individuals who meet local, national and international demands for skilled workers.


  1. To devise up-to-date curricula that help attain goals, meet changing requirements and reflect changes in Industrial Technology.
  2. To facilitate quality technical-vocational education and training towards holistic competency and proficiency of the individuals in the different technology areas.
  3. To mold individuals whose personal, social, technical, practical qualities make them productive and valuable citizens of a global village.
  4. To train technologist in the use of applied research by innovating ways to address needs and problems and by implementing and extending current technology.
Program Offerings Description & Curriculum
Bachelor of Industrial Technology - Electrical Technology
Bachelor of Industrial Technology - Electronics Technology